Bike. Dance. Repeat.

    Looking for something fun to do in Cambridge? Join free, easy rides around town. All ages welcome! It's a mobile party!


    Have a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, skates or another cool way to move on wheels? Add some lights and join our moving parade! Dance at party stops or just enjoy the views. Find an event.


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  • Cambridge Bike Party

    bike. dance. repeat.

    Party on wheels

    Cruise through Cambridge, UK at a leisurely pace. Socialize, have fun, and pause for stops along the way.


    Bring cool lights, a small stereo and music (if you like), dress for the theme, and party on!


    Bike Party Format

    • Start
      Look for the bike with crazy disco lights.  Say hi!
    • Ride
      Roll for 20-30 minutes, pause for a party stop. Repeat.
    • End
      Ride concludes in the  city center about 2 hours later. At the final party stop stay as long as you like....


    • Light up yourself & your bike!
    • Dress for the theme, bring layers to stay warm
    • BYOB (bike/beverage)
    • Bring a small stereo & music to enhance your ride
    • Ride straight, ride predictably
    • Leave nothing & no one behind
    • Stop at red lights
    • Make some NOISE!


    At bike party we spread positive vibes everywhere we roll.


    When in doubt just yell out, "BIKE PAAAAAARRTY!!"

  • WHAT IS Cambridge bike party?

  • upcoming events

    join the party

    Cows About Cambridge Ride

    September 2021

    Saturday, 4 Sep

    Meet 7pm, Roll out 7:30pm
    Start @Scudamore's Punting, Laundress Green. Party stop at Elizabeth Way Bridge. End @Midsummer Common.

    **Special, bonus ride hosted & organised by @PeterBruce**


    Join us for a tour of Cambridge, spotting the colourful cow statues as we go. 4th September is the final day the cow sculptures will be in town, and provides a great opportunity to see these art pieces before they disappear!


    If you want to dress up, think about Country & Western, or come dressed in black and white colours like a cow! The choice is yours, let’s have some fun!



    Intergalactic Outerspace Ride

    September 2021

    Saturday, 18 Sep

    Meet 8:30pm, Roll out 9pm
    Start @Fort St. George. Party stop at Elizabeth Way Bridge. End @Jesus Green.


    Space is vast, and so is your imagination. Want to be Spok for the night? Go for it! How about dressing like Elliott from E.T.? Or donning crazy space-themed leggings? Let your imagination lift off as we find ourselves in a spacey night ride.

    Halloween Ride

    October 2021

    Saturday, 30 Oct

    Meet 4:30, Roll out 5pm

    Meeting point + route coming....

    Join our cycle parade across town featuring cool lights and spooky music. A highly popular CBP ride, not to be missed!

    Wear a fun costume and show off your creativity! We'll play spooky Halloween tunes to ride and dance to!


    A new "cemetery route" will be developed for this ride. So, stay tuned for updates on meeting point and route notices.

    Holiday Lights Tour

    December 2021

    Saturday, 18 Dec

    Meet 3:30, Roll out 4:00

    Meeting point + route coming....


    Join our most beloved ride of the year! We'll spread holiday cheer and play holiday-themed tunes as we enjoy all the bright lights on our cruise through town. Light up your bike and yourself! Dress in a Santa costume! Add some holiday flair!


    Features a pub stop in the middle to warm up with mulled wine (or your drink of choice) before we ride back near our starting point. All ages welcomed on this fun, inclusive ride!

  • PAST events

    some of the fun we've had...

    Fall Formal Ride

    August 2021

    Friday, 20 Aug @ 8:30 pm

    Start @Fort St. George. Party stop at Elizabeth Way Bridge. End @Jesus Green.

    Dress in your most extravagant outfit. Ball gowns, suits, heels. BRING IT, people! Black tie dress is recommended. Bring your fanciest flare if you dare.

    Toga Ride
    July 2021

    Saturday, 17 July @8pm

    TOGA! TOGA!! TOGA!!!
    Dress like a Greek God. Dare to go bare. Throw on a sheet, and let's DO THIS!

    Get inspired by Athens, convert your bike into a winged chariot, and let's have a toga bike party!

    Summer Glow Bubble Party

    June 2021

    Saturday, 26 June @ 8pm

    Let's enjoy these long hot nights with a summertime bike party! Bring your glow in the dark glasses, bust out your bubble wand, and find some UV glow gear! We'll blow bubbles as we roll through town then light up the night at our party stops!

    Get into the Groove Ride

    May 2021

    Saturday, 29 May @8pm

    The end of lockdown is nearly here! Get into the groove with a warm-up ride around town. Consider this practice before bike party season truly begins and lockdown officially ends! Dig out your bike lights, grease up that chain, and dress to feel your groove!

    Random Ride

    July 2020

    Saturday, 18 July @ 7:00 pm

    A chill, kick back ride to enjoy the summer weather... Let's get out and ride!

    Save the Rave Ride

    July 2020

    Saturday, 4 Jul @ 8:00 pm

    Listen up, revellers! It's happening Saturday night. Time to get yourself out of the house, put some party lights on your bike, don your best rave gear, and get ready to bike paaaaaarty! #SaveTheRave

    Summer Solstice Ride

    June 2020

    Saturday 20 Jun @ 8:00 pm

    Celebrate long summer days! We will depart just as the sun begins to set and play warm, summery beats to keep your legs pumping. This ride is a new Cambridge favourite and not to be missed! All ages welcome on this inclusive ride!

    Holiday Lights Bike Tour

    December 2019

    Saturday, 21 Dec @ 3:30pm

    Join us on Winter Solstice to celebrate the season, enjoy classic holiday tunes, and cruise by beautiful lights.


    This social bike ride will get you into the holiday spirit! Come one, come all! Join a free, fun night cruise to marvel at festive lights & decorations around Cambridge. Light up your bike and yourself, wear a fun costume or your best ugly Christmas sweater! We will play holiday music to accompany our ride and spread warm cheer everywhere we go.

    Ride of the Living Dead

    October 2019

    Thursday, 31 Oct @ 8:30pm

    Join our Halloween cycle parade across town featuring cool lights and spooky music! Bring your best costume (spooky or not), your favorite witches brew, some bike lights, and a party attitude!! Come one, come all to this free, social ride to celebrate Halloween and have some fun!

    Pajama Party Ride

    September 2019

    Saturday, 21 Sep @ 8:30pm

    Find a funny onesie, bust out those plaid PJ bottoms from the '90s, don on a cozy fleece set, or go classy in a matching silk top and bottoms like Hugh Hefner. Whatever your style, get creative and rock those pajamas on our next slumber party style ride!

    Let Your Freak Flag Fly

    August 2019

    Saturday, 17 Aug @ 8:30pm

    Calling all lovers of strangeness. Let's get FREAKY. Release your inner weirdo. Put on a wild costume. Deck your bike out in the most creative way imaginable. Time to abandon the status quo, and let your freak flag fly!

    Nothing But Neon Ride

    July 2019

    Saturday, 20 Jul @ 8:30pm

    Make yourself and your bike as bright as possible. Bust out those glowsticks and that rave gear hiding in the back of your closet. Got a blacklight? Strap it to your bike! Experiment with that UV face paint you've been wanting to try. Heck, you can even attach LED rope lights to yourself and your bike and become a living TRON legacy! Get inspired, get bright! Find a creative way to light up the night, and let's party!

    Summer Solstice Sunset Ride

    June 2019

    Friday, 21 Jun @ 9pm

    Let's celebrate the longest day of the year with a ride into the sunset through the streets of Cambridge!


    We will bike for 20-minutes, pause for a 20-minute dance party, then repeat! If you can't dance, don't worry. Join anyway and bring a friend! If you love to dance -- what are you waiting for!? JOIN US!

    Holiday Lights Bike Tour

    December 2018

    Saturday, 8 Dec @ 6pm

    Join our free, fun ride about town on bikes as we tour the streets to enjoy Christmas lights & decorations of all kinds. We will play holiday music and spread warm cheer. This ride will skip dance party stops and simply tour about the town on bikes at a leisurely pace to admire (and be part of) this festival of lights. Expect to start & end earlier than usual so you can attend other holiday festivities after.

    Light up your bike / yourself for this night time ride!! Bring your own beverage and best party attitude. Come one, come all!

    Spooktacular Ride

    October 2018

    Saturday, 27 Oct @ 8pm

    Free fun event for those looking to have a good time about town! Halloween is coming, so find your best costume (spooky or not!) and join our Halloween parade on bikes through the streets of Cambridge. We'll go at a leisurely pace and pause for dance party stops along the way.

    Bring your witches brew, your best bike lights, and party attitude! We recommend warm layers and anything you need for a self-supported bike ride. Come one, come all! Let's light up the night and let's party! BIKE PARTY!

    September Soul Ride

    September 2018

    Saturday, 8 Sep @ 8pm

    Join us for a September Soul Ride. We will cycle through the streets of Cambridge at a leisurely pace and pause for sweet soul music dance party stops along the way. Shake a tail feather to the likes of James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and many more!

    Summer Disco Party

    July 2018

    Friday, 27 Jul @ 8:30 pm

    Feel the summer heat this July as we roll through the streets of Cambridge pumping out warm disco beats. Cruise through town to our 70's mix and bust a move at dance party stops along the way. Bring some sweet bike lights and your best party vibes. Come one, come all! This is going to be epic!


    Route maps for rides are published here


    Collection of playlists from Cambridge Bike Party rides

    Cows About Cambs Ride
    FULL mix

    Fall Formal Ride
    FULL mix

    Toga Ride
    FULL mix

    Summer Glow Bubble Ride
    FULL mix

    Get Into the Groove Ride:
    FULL mix

    Random Ride:
    FULL mix

    Save the Rave:
    DANCE mix

    Summer 2020:

    Dance Mix

    Cambridge Half Marathon:
    DANCE mix

    Pajama Party:
    DANCE mix

    Pajama Party:
    CYCLE mix

    Let Your Freak Flag Fly:
    DANCE mix

    Let Your Freak Flag Fly:
    CYCLE mix

    Nothing But Neon:
    DANCE mix

    Nothing But Neon:
    CYCLE mix

    Summer Solstice 2018:
    DANCE mix

    Summer Solstice 2018:
    CYCLE mix

    Soul Ride:
    DANCE mix

    Soul Ride:
    CYCLE mix

    Disco Ride:
    DANCE mix

    Disco Ride:
    CYCLE mix

    DANCE mix

    CYCLE mix



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