• Ride. Rave. Repeat.

    Party on wheels

    Cruise through Cambridge, UK at a leisurely pace. Socialize, have fun, and pause for stops along the way.


    Bring cool lights, party vibes, dress for the theme. Let's roll!

  • Video by Peter Bruce: https://www.peterbruce.co.uk 

    Footage courtesy Peter Bruce and @fotosynth_2.

  • FIRST TIME rider tips

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    How it works

    • Start: Find the bikes with disco lights. Say hi!
    • Ride: Roll for 30 minutes. Pause for a 45-minute party stop. Repeat.
    • End: Conclude about 2 hours later near the starting point in the city centre. Stay as long as you want!
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    How we ride

    • Bring lights!
    • BYOB (bike/beverage)
    • Dress for the theme - it's more fun!
    • Ride straight, ride predictably
    • Stop at red lights
    • Leave nothing behind
    • Make some NOISE!
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    We spread positive vibes everywhere we roll. When in doubt just yell out, "BIKE PAAAAAARRTY!!"


    Your CBP Founder, Patricia, grew up steeped in the bike party culture of the Bay Area, California. There, she attended San Francisco Bike Party and East Bay Bike Party. After moving from America to England, she transitioned from guest to captain with the launch of Cambridge Bike Party.


    "I imported bike party to Cambridge because it's a bike-friendly city, and there's nothing like it here," explains Patricia. "Bike party is a nightlife alternative to going to the pub. You can get outside, disconnect, and enjoy the moment. We basically are on a mobile parade around town, and it feels like your life has become a music video."






  • CBP Mission


    Experience your city in a new way. Experience the bliss of bike party. Enjoy the alternate party space we mutually create as we ride together in the streets.


    Once you attend a ride, you'll appreciate all that bike party has to offer. Most guests instantly want to return! We hope you become a regular.


    Join us and experience the fun of bike party!


    You understand Cambridge Bike Party events occur at night and accept that participating exposes you to many hazards and entails the unavoidable risk of death, personal injury (including but not limited to severe spinal or head injury, and loss of or damage to property. You understand that this activity may result in hazards posed by other bicycles, vehicle operators, and traffic or road conditions. You also understand you should be in good physical health to participate in bicycling and parade activities. You choose to participate in parade activity in spite of these hazards and hereby assume all risk of injury or loss of life to yourself or damage to property arising out of participating in parade activity.

    By joining or participating in Cambridge Bike Party events you specifically release Cambridge Bike Party and its leaders, agents, and members from any and all liability or claims for injury, illness, death, or loss of damage to property which you may suffer while participating in the event.

    You realize the importance of wearing a helmet, and you acknowledge that it's best to wear a helmet at all times while riding a bicycle. You acknowledge you should have front and back safety lights as required by law.

    BIKE PARTY ACTIVITY may involve strenuous exertion. Participants are solely responsible for determining the adequacy of their skills, physical condition, and ability.

    By participating in Cambridge Bike Party events you agree to the assumption of risk and waiver and release of liability. Should you disagree with any portion of this agreement, do not participate.


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